Our Mission & Statement

Our mission is to offer consumers full spectrum cannabis-infused products for medical and recreational enjoyment.Our mission is to create, produce and market infused-products for the cannabis culture through next-level innovative fusions and formulations. Innovative Fusions brands is an infused-product company offering a one-of-a-kind euphoric experience achieved by developing relatable products that can be consumed frequently across all lifestyles. We develop hand-crafted, consistent, affordable, cannabis infused-products for dispensaries to pass along to consumers. We provide premium infusion services through research, collaboration, and management.

Our Vision

Offer consumers full spectrum next-level cannabis products for medical and recreational enjoyment. Specializing in medical and recreational cannabis production; offering extraction and edible production, marketing and distribution.

We care about what consumers think and aim to deliver an unforgettable experience. Seasoned and small production staff utilizing strong work ethic individuals for maximum production and profits, while decreasing cross-contamination.

Build a diverse company that cultivates Forge a dynamic company that creates opportunities and prosperity for our employees, partners. Advance the local and global movement that makes cannabis legal and accessible to all.

Be a leading cannabis-infused products brand development company exemplifying consistency, quality, and innovation; Specializing in white label services and IP development for Third Parties.

Be a creative, compliant and innovative cannabis manufacturer, distributor, and supply chain management company offering a total package from creating, developing, branding, in house distributing, marketing, sales, product and customer management.

Mainstream products utilizing a small business landscape aligned with corporate objectives.Offer employees career-building, professional development, and longevity within the company.

Our History

The Founder The Founder
Cannabis Industry Cannabis Industry
Licensed Licensed
Establishment Establishment
Our Industry Our Industry

The Founder

Founded and co-owned by Vonna D.

Cannabis Industry

In business in the cannabis industry since 2016


Innovative Fusions Licensed/Operating since July 2019


Innovative Fusions Established in March 2019

Our Industry

Manage 2 licensed & compliant MIP facilities for large scale production, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing.